Neoclassical Economics Theory

The neoclassical economics theory has proven to be durable and the most popularly taught school of modern-day economics. The theories stressed in neoclassical economic teachings fit like a custom-made glove in a world that is increasingly globalized and democratized. Neoclassical economics theory focuses on the micro and individual level of the market, rather than the […]

Game Theory in Neoclassical Economics

The triumph of capitalism and the free market society was altogether unsurprising for neoclassical economists. The reason for this is because the individualistic and independent element of the free market best complements their views on human nature. On the whole, individuals are rational in always viewing situations with self-interest. As a result, humans are continuously […]

Keynesian Theory in Neoclassical Economics

The story of the rise of Keynesian economics is fascinating. From the late 19th century onwards, neoclassical economics theory dominated the mainstream discourse of macro and microeconomics. Under the assumption that humans are rationale and their decisions are rooted in efforts to maximize the utility of their purchasing power, neoclassical economics theory stressed the importance […]